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Interest in Belarus-Turkey cooperation in nuclear oversight noted
18 September, 18:54
The first unit of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Turkey is supposed to be commissioned in 2023, this is why the Turkish agency is interested in the experience and accomplishments of Belarus, which is busy implementing a nuclear energy program and will commission its first nuclear reactor sooner.
Exhibition in Minsk celebrates anniversary of reunification of Western Belarus and BSSR
18 September, 18:35
17 September 1939 is one of the most significant dates in the country's history. That was when Western and Eastern Belarus were reunited by a decree of the Soviet government.
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CSTO Collective Security Council to convene in November
18 September, 18:26
Agendas of the upcoming joint session of the CSTO Foreign Ministers Council, the Defense Ministers Council, and the Committee of Secretaries of Security Councils and the upcoming session of the CSTO Collective Security Council have been drafted.
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Gomel hosts photo exhibition dedicated to Shanghai Pudong Area
18 September, 18:15
The photo exhibition shows spectacular views of modern Pudong and its vibrant life, hard-working people, architectural achievements, and rich cultural traditions.
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Belarus, Uruguay to negotiate draft visa waiver agreement
18 September, 18:02
The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been authorized to hold the negotiations on the draft document and to sign it.
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Belarus to continue exporting electricity after nuclear power plant goes online
18 September, 17:55
The official said: “Today we have a lot of proposals and have signed a number of contracts on exporting electricity. In 2019 we expect we will be able to double electricity export in comparison with last year."
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Exhibition of Omani crafts goes on view in Minsk
18 September, 17:46
The exhibition features over a hundred items which demonstrate the works of local craftsmen and tell visitors about Oman's culture, customs, and traditions. Khanjars, traditional Omani daggers are also on show. Making these daggers is one of the most complex Omani crafts.
Belarusian nuclear power plant to get protection against drone attacks
18 September, 17:46
The official said: “The matter has been settled at the top level. Requirements of the Belarusian legislation in this area are even higher than those in Russia and other countries. As for drones, documents have been passed on measures to be taken to ensure the security of nuclear installations."
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Family capital program extended for 2020-2024 in Belarus
18 September, 17:28
Family capital will be formed in Belarusian rubles with a basic amount of Br22,500 as from 1 January 2020. Apart from that, family capital will be annually adjusted to the consumer price index in order to preserve its purchasing power.
Aleksandr Turchin and Askar Beisenbayev
Kazakhstan hopes to increase trade with Belarus
18 September, 17:27
According to Askar Beisenbayev, the potential of trade and economic relations between Belarus and Kazakhstan has not been fully realized. The two countries need to increase the volume of trade. The ambassador named setting up joint ventures, joint entry into the Chinese market among the promising areas of cooperation.
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