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Gomselmash products. An archive photo
Belarusian technologies to help retool agricultural enterprises in Russia's Kirov Oblast
20 December, 13:43
“At present your farmers use 31 Gomselmash harvesters. According to our data, the share of Gomel-made agricultural machines in your agricultural machinery fleet is only 7.5%,” the Gomel Oblast governor noted.
Gennady Solovei. An archive photo
Mutual interests behind Gomel Oblast cooperation with Russian regions
20 December, 13:08
“Vigorous cooperation with regions of Russia is one of the aspects of stable development of Gomel Oblast. This cooperation relies on priorities of the foreign policy of the state and mutually beneficial interests,” Gennady Solovei said.
An archive photo
Raw materials prices for Belarusian oil refineries up 34% over year
20 December, 12:35
The strategy of gradual change in fuel prices remains the most optimal way to maintain the price/quality ratio of Belarusian petroleum products and to protect the interests of car owners.
An archive photo
Belarus ready to process 24m tonnes of Russian oil annually
20 December, 11:12
Belarusian oil refineries are technically capable of processing 24 million tonnes of oil annually – 12 million tonnes by each oil refinery. In Q1 2020 Naftan can process 3 million tonnes, and Mozyr Oil Refinery can handle 2.9 million tonnes.
An archive photo
Russia's Ivanovo Oblast interested in Belarusian flax supplies
20 December, 10:33
Ivanovo Oblast of Russia would like to purchase Belarusian flax for its linen mills. The matter was discussed at the session of the joint working group held at the Bellegprom light industry concern.
Belarusian Railways opens operations control center in Minsk
19 December, 19:56
The operations control center went online on 2 December in test mode. It went fully operational on 19 December. The center's personnel can remotely manage train traffic and monitor the entire infrastructure.
Strong interest in assembly of Belarusian buses in Russia's Chelyabinsk Oblast
19 December, 19:14
The official said: “We've discussed the establishment of joint manufacturing enterprises among other things. The Russian side expressed interest in advancing the project to make Belarusian buses powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). The financing and promotion of the project are being discussed now.”
Photo cortesy of maz-rus.com
Sixty-five Belarusian buses supplied to Russia's Bryansk
19 December, 17:52
“The total capacity of the MAZ-206086 city bus is 70 people. The vehicle is equipped with ramps for passengers with disabilities, for the convenience of parents with young children in wheelchairs. The bus meets the Euro-5 environmental standard. It has a more efficient engine which releases much less harmful substances,” the diplomatic mission noted.
An archive photo
Belarusian truck maker BelAZ to develop aftersales service in Russia's Magadan Oblast
19 December, 16:30
A presentation of promising products and new models, support services was arranged during the meeting. The sides discussed proposals on improving the effectiveness of cooperation.
Belenergo, Poland continue to discuss possible electricity supplies
19 December, 14:48
We continue to discuss possible electricity export with Poland, Director General of the Belarusian national electric company Belenergo Pavel Drozd told the media on 19 December.
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