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Belarus, Iran sign trade facilitation agreement
4 December, 15:43
The implementation of the norms stipulated by the agreement will make bilateral trade easier and more efficient and will also make customs checks faster. This, in turn, will help boost trade between Belarus and Iran and simplify foreign trade operations for domestic companies.
Delegation of Belgian private sector to visit Belarus in 2020
4 December, 15:34
The sides discussed promising avenues for further expansion of Belarus-Belgium cooperation in the sphere of investments. Topical aspects of trade and economic cooperation were discussed, including the upcoming visit of representatives of Belgium's business circles to Belarus in 2020.
Photos courtesy of the Embassy of Belarus in Russia
Belarusian bus tested as part of rapid mass transit system in Russian Kazan
4 December, 15:03
The bus is designed to carry 167 people. “In a metropolitan city this model remains maneuverable and can rapidly transport a large number of people. Five doors allow passengers to enter and leave fast without holding up the traffic,” the MAZ representative noted.
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Shares of Belarusian Belinvestbank priced at Br549m
4 December, 14:24
The official said: “The rectified value of Belinvestbank shares stands at Br549 million”. Evaluations of the Belarusian side and a foreign appraiser have been reconciled.
Auction to sell state-owned share in Belarusian Priorbank under consideration
4 December, 13:30
The official said: “The auction to sell Priorbank shares will take place in 2020 provided the head of state authorizes it. We need two weeks to clarify the estimated value.”
Belarusian Transport Ministry eager to sign agreement to reconstruct M10 motorway in 2020
3 December, 19:33
The official said: “Next year we are supposed to be able to sign the agreement on public private partnership [with a private partner] and get down to implementing the project.”
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Belarusian companies sign contracts worth $120m in Belgrade
3 December, 18:18
The official said: “The total sum of the contracts that have been signed is roughly $120 million. We are talking about the export of Belarusian products. It is quite a good result because, unfortunately, our trade turnover is rather modest.”
Fast railway line between Minsk, airport expected to cost $150m
3 December, 17:17
The official said: “As for the construction of a railway line to the Minsk National Airport, we've started preparing the feasibility study. The electric train is expected to connect the railway terminal in the city with the Minsk National Airport. The time in transit is expected to be 30-35 minutes.”
Mechislav Goy and Vladimir Mikolayenko
Grodno, Kherson sign partnership agreement
3 December, 16:26
The next step should be the exchange of delegations, first of all business delegations. Development of economic cooperation will improve the well-being of cities, Grodno Mayor Mechislav Goy said.
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Belarus' upper chamber approves 2020 budget bill
3 December, 15:45
The 2020 budget is based on the baseline scenario of economic development. The budget expects GDP growth at 1.9%, the annual inflation at 5%, the refinancing rate at 9.5%, oil of the Urals variety at $60 per barrel, processing of Russian oil at 18 million tonnes.
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