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Belarusian companies urged to be more active in developing UAE market
13 September, 12:23
According to the ambassador, Belarus has been successfully working in the region in such traditional sectors as supplies of military-industrial products and the export of services. There is also a number of promising areas where national companies are not active enough.
Photos courtesy of the NAIP
Swiss company eyeing stake in Belarusian Bank Dabrabyt
13 September, 11:32
The potential investor was briefed about the possibilities of the bank and the procedure for buying shares. The company will analyze the information about buying shares and implementing public-private projects in Belarus and make a decision about its further steps.
Photo courtesy of the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone
Presentations of China-Belarus industrial park in progress in European cities
12 September, 19:38
Attention was drawn to free access to the Eurasian market, the availability of transport and engineering infrastructure, taxation preferences, which allow enhancing the competitive ability of the end product by paying less taxes and lower salaries by 2-5 times.
Belarusian truck maker BelAZ unveils export diversification plans
12 September, 19:22
“We are intent on keeping the Russian market and raising our share by means of making more haul trucks, including from 14% to 18-20% in post-Soviet space countries and up to 35% in non-CIS states,” Oleg Stepuk said.
Thin-film transistors, e-ink in focus of international conference in Minsk on 16-20 September
12 September, 19:06
EuroDisplay 2019 is expected to gather leading scientists, developers, manufacturers and consumers of data display solutions – from technologies to end products. Over 150 participants from all over the world are expected to convene in Minsk.
Belarusian Industrial and Investment Forum to embrace new format on 17-20 September
12 September, 18:53
The official said: “We've combined it into an industrial and investment one. An economy sector has been added as well as oil, gas, chemical, and plastic industries. The fact that we are about to finish the five-year term (2016-2020) is the forum's trend.”
Antwerp to host business conference on Belarus-Belgium cooperation on African market
12 September, 18:35
The Belarusian Embassy will organize events on trade, agriculture, education, culture and tourism in the Kingdom of Belgium with a view to developing trade and economic cooperation between Belarusian companies and their partners in the EU countries.
Photo courtesy of the Belarusian Embassy in Russia
Russia's Primorsky Krai governor shown new Belarusian vehicles
12 September, 18:24
Governor of Russia's Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako was shown new models of Belarusian vehicles, BelTA has learned from the press service of the Belarusian Embassy in Russia.
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Interregional, investment cooperation agreements signed at Grodno business forum
12 September, 17:22
The 20th edition of the national universal business forum, expo and fair Euroregion Neman 2019 kicked off in Grodno on 12 September. It has brought together representatives of 30 countries: diplomats, government officials, businessmen, and experts.
Piotr Parkhomchik. An archive photo
Belarusian BelAZ to sell large batch of haul trucks to Russian Apatit
12 September, 17:06
The Belarusian company will have to ship 50 haul trucks over the course of the next three years. Those are trucks with the carrying capacity of 136 tonnes and 180 tonnes. The first few vehicles will be shipped this year.
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