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Projects worth $1.4bn in Belarus' investment atlas
12 September, 16:13
“The National Investment and Privatization Agency has prepared an atlas of investment projects in conjunction with government agencies and regional authorities ahead of the Belarusian Industrial and Investment Forum. It includes about 50 projects with a total need for investments at about $1.4 billion,” Artem Shkryl said.
Industry Ministry pushes for equal market access in Belarusian-Russian industry-specific roadmap
12 September, 15:38
The official said: “We would like our companies and enterprises to enjoy equal access to the common market. It is no secret that there are restrictive measures on our market and the Russian market. We believe all the barriers should be dismantled.”
Belarus to expand trade, economic relations with Israel
12 September, 14:23
Trade and economic relations between Belarus and Israel have been vibrant over the past three years, Evgeny Vorobyov, who was appointed Belarus' Ambassador to Israel on 12 September, told the media.
Qingdao hosts Belarus-China cross-border e-commerce forum
12 September, 09:02
During the opening ceremony of the forum documents on trade and economic cooperation were signed between Belarusian and Chinese participants.
Number of self-employed Belarusians on the rise
11 September, 20:01
The number of self-employed businessmen rose by nearly 8,800 or 3.5% up from the beginning of the year. “We haven't seen such rapid growth for a long time. As for small and medium enterprises, their number rose by 2%,” Dmitry Krasovsky said.
Photos courtesy of Belarusian Railways
Brest North railway container terminal modernized
11 September, 19:43
The site can now be used to perform technological operations and sort containers depending on the destination and the customer's requirements. The container site now occupies nearly 50,000m2. The platform for unloading and loading containers using reach stackers occupies 1,700m2 of the total area.
Photos courtesy of Belarus' MFA
Call to boost Belarus-Bulgaria trade
11 September, 18:53
Vladimir Makei emphasized the need for joint efforts to boost the dynamics of bilateral trade and increase Belarusian exports to Bulgaria. The cooperation in tourism and a number of other promising areas of interaction were also discussed during the meeting.
EBRD looks into project to rehabilitate regional bridges, M3 Motorway in Belarus
11 September, 18:26
The project will support Belarus' economic development and bring operational efficiency from improved regional infrastructure through reconstruction of bridges and will facilitate transportation efficiency on the North-South corridor.
Minsk National Airport passenger numbers up by almost 12% in January-August
11 September, 17:41
In August 2019 Minsk National Airport accommodated more than 592,600 passengers (up 9.7%).The total number of passengers exceeded 3,385,000 since the beginning of the year, which was up 11,9% year-on-year.
New regulations expected to more effectively resolve entrepreneurship problems in Belarus' regions
11 September, 13:54
The resolution stipulates common goals and tasks for all the regional councils. It also introduces uniform procedures and rights of the council, rights and obligations of members of the council, and the procedure for making up the council.
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