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Brest North railway container terminal modernized

Economy 11.09.2019 | 19:43
Photos courtesy of Belarusian Railways
Photos courtesy of Belarusian Railways

MINSK, 11 September (BelTA) – Belarusian Railways has finished modernizing the container terminal of the Brest North railway station, the press service of the Belarusian railway administration told BelTA.

The project is a strategic one from the point of view of developing terminal infrastructure taking into account growing freight traffic. It opens up new prospects for developing freight transportation between the East and the West. The project's implementation began in 2018. The railway lines were reconfigured as part of the project, the space for reloading and storing containers was expanded, modern cranes were installed and high-performance reach stackers were acquired.

The site can now be used to perform technological operations and sort containers depending on the destination and the customer's requirements. The container site now occupies nearly 50,000m2. The platform for unloading and loading containers using reach stackers occupies 1,700m2 of the total area.

Over $10 million has been spent on the project. With the new infrastructure Belarusian Railways can offer popular services to the private sector such as container storage, consolidation, and shorter processing times.

According to Belarusian Railways, at present the Brest North station and the Brest East station need 8 hours 30 minutes to process a container train that needs reloading and shuttles between the East and the West. It takes five hours if reloading is not required. Belarusian Railways will continue improving the technology of processing organized container trains. The reloading capacity will be increased. It will also be used more effectively in order to reduce processing times. The measures will increase the average daily container reloading capability by 50%. The container storage area will be doubled. As a result, the appeal and competitive ability of the transport corridor between the East and the West via Brest will grow higher.

Speed, reliable and safe transit by rail via Belarus are the key factors in the competitive ability of the services Belarusian Railways offers in the sphere of container transportation. These factors allow opening promising routes, attracting new clients, and increasing the volume of transportation.

In January-July 2019 Belarusian Railways transported 178,300 containers in twenty-foot equivalent units between China and Europe in transit via Belarus or 107.1% as against the same period of last year. By the way, more than 80% of the freight transported in containers in transit via Belarus on the way to Europe is handled by the Brest North container terminal. Thanks to the upgraded terminal container transportation between the East and the West is expected to exceed 500,000 TEUs by 2020 and 1 million TEUs by 2025.

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