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Cities of the World. Vienna
11 November, 16:55
In the streets of the Austrian capital
Jewish folk music festival in Minsk
7 November, 17:05
The festival in Minsk brought together more than a dozen musicians and bands from the US, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and Austria, who performed traditional klezmer music.
Stadler train for Minsk metro
5 November, 10:12
Modern technologies used in the new rolling stock ensure reliability, comfort, and sound insulation in the driver's cab and passenger compartment due to insulating materials. The aluminum allow carriage body has a lifespan of 50 years, convenient and easy to maintain. Warranty period is 560,000km from commissioning.
BisonTrail Race in Raubichi
2 November, 17:06
The race featured almost 500 participants. They were to overcome a distance that included narrow forest paths, meter-wide gravel roads, fallen trees, creeks, stones, dirt, impassable forest covered in fallen leaves. Every participant could choose a distance to run: 20km, 10km, or 5km.
Artist Vladimir Zlenko
Old Castle restoration in Grodno
31 October, 10:51
Grodno plans to restore the 16th-century castle back to its former glory of Stephen Bathory's times.
Dmitry Tuzkov
Student of the Year 2019 contest in Minsk
31 October, 10:16
The municipal stage of the Student of the Year 2019 nationwide contest was held at the Youth Variety Theater on 30 October. Student of the Military Academy Dmitry Tuzkov won the competition.
Village Fest in Mogilev District
27 October, 11:56
According to Mogilev District Vice Chairman Andrei Zablotsky, the event was the first one of the kind held in the region and is aimed at enhancing the prestige of the village.
Student festival at Vitebsk State Medical University
21 October, 20:55
This international festival celebrates artistic talents of medical students. There were students from Russia, Sri Lanka, India, Ghana, Lebanon, Turkmenistan, Syria and other countries.
Belarus Fashion Week
20 October, 23:35
The 19th edition of Belarus Fashion Week took place in Minsk on 14-20 October. Belarus Fashion Week is a project of the Belarusian Fashion Chamber and the Open Podium public relations and communications agency. The event is meant to promote Belarusian brands abroad.
Indian summer in Belarus
17 October, 20:17
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