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Cranberry harvesting in Brest Oblast
15 October, 23:59
Its cranberry fields occupy nearly 85 hectares. At present the company is busy with cranberry harvesting. The berries are supplied to retain outlets and processing companies. A great deal of the output is sold abroad, including to England, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, and Russia.
Russian youth orchestra in Vitebsk
14 October, 21:58
The Russian National Youth Symphony Orchestra brings together 100 young musicians from all over Russia. Musicians of the orchestra work with world-class conductors. One of the main aims of the orchestra is to introduce young people to classical music.
Regional Harvest Festival in Borisov
12 October, 23:42
More than 15,000 people came to Borisov that day. By tradition, each district presented its own loaf. The best agrarians marched in a solemn procession through the stadium and received awards from Chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Anatoly Isachenko.
Grodno Choral Synagogue celebrates Yom Kippur
9 October, 22:25
At the closing of Yom Kippur the concluding prayer (Ne'ila) is recited, the Gates of Heaven are closed until the next year. The end of the fasting is marked by the blowing of the shofar (a ram's horn), and tables are loaded with sweets – the symbol of sweet life in the coming year.
Novogrudok turns 975
5 October, 16:24
On 5 October, Novogrudok celebrated the 975th anniversary of the city's first mention in historical chronicles.
Doors Open Day at BelAZ
28 September, 14:20
BelAZ organized an exhibition which showcased over three dozen vehicles with the carrying capacity from 30 to 450 tonnes. The most impressive exhibit was a giant haul truck which is as high as a three-storey building.
TourBusiness 2019 expo in Minsk
25 September, 14:55
The expo covers inbound and outbound tourism, sport and adventure tourism, recreational and medical tourism, hunting tourism, and tours for families and children. It also showcases hotels, tour operators, travel agencies and companies.
Street Art expo in Minsk
24 September, 20:53
– The exhibition titled as “Not Only Banksy. Street Art from Private Collections” opened in the Libra exhibition hall in Minsk on 24 September.
International Day of Peace in Brest
21 September, 22:55
Brest joined this campaign in 2012. This year the participants planted cedars on the premises of the rowing canal and lit the lamps to make an improvised alley of peace.
Greek culture celebrated in Minsk Upper Town
21 September, 17:53
The event to celebrate Greek culture Calimera! was held in the Upper Town in Minsk on 21 September. The celebration by the Minsk Town Hall invited guests to take part in master classes to learn sirtaki and the basics of the Greek language.
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