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Fashion show at landfill site near Minsk
4 July, 20:29
Local designers teamed up with well-known Belarusians to draw attention to the problem of plastic waste.
Military history reenactment during Bagration Festival
3 July, 16:47
Visitors were able to see a large-scale reenactment of Operation Bagration, which was a major offensive operation the Red Army launched to liberate Belarus.
Commemorative event in Polotsk
2 July, 15:18
The city patriotic event “Memory Never Fades” was held at the Urochishe Peski memorial complex in Polotsk on 2 July.
Catering program of Minsk European Games
26 June, 22:19
A correspondent of Belarusian News Agency BelTA visited the Athletes' Village to see its dining facilities.
IN PICTURES: Army units march in Independence Day parade rehearsal in Minsk
25 June, 22:47
A parade unit of the People's Liberation Army of China, a parade unit of the Kantemirovskaya Guards Tank Division of the 1st Guards Tank Army of the Russian Armed Forces, and a banner group of the Republic of Azerbaijan marched together with the Belarusian army units.
Minsk during the European Games
25 June, 00:20
Residents and guests of the European Games immerse in the atmosphere of the sports celebration in the capital of Belarus
Minsk 2019 Men's Road Race
23 June, 13:50
Men's Road Race during the 2nd European Games in Minsk
Shotgun shooting competitions
23 June, 10:16
Shotgun shooting competitions (men's shotgun trap, women's shotgun trap) are underway in Minsk as part of the 2nd European Games.
2nd European Games opening ceremony in Dinamo Stadium in Minsk
21 June, 22:22
The lighting of the fire of the 2nd European Games Minsk 2019 will be one of the key steps of the ceremony. The Flame of Peace relay race was launched in Rome on 3 May. Over the course of 50 days the torch travelled for over 7,000km on its way to Minsk.
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