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Participants of the competition Nazar and Yelisei Yarmolchik
Rechitsa chooses ‘Lord of Village'
21 September, 16:51
A regional round of the national agricultural project the Lord of the Village was held in the city of Rechitsa on 21 September. Ten young families competed for the title of the Best Family in the District.
Active phase of Belarusian-Russian army exercise Union Shield 2019 over
18 September, 16:59
During this phase the army units practiced fighting to defend their positions, repulsing aerial assaults, launching an airborne assault, providing aerial support to defending troops, and stabilizing the situation.
Minsk Half Marathon 2019
15 September, 09:18
The 5th edition of the Minsk Half Marathon gathered more than 40,000 athletes at the start line near the Palace of Sports in the Belarusian capital on 15 September. Professional and amateur runners took part in three races for 5.5km, 10.5km and 21.097km.
Unique Matchmakers rite reenacted in Lelchitsy
8 September, 12:49
Amateur groups from Lelchitsy District reenacted the unique local rite Matchmakers. The event was timed to the 450th anniversary of Lelchitsy.
Minsk celebrates Day of Armenian Culture
31 August, 19:10
The Day of Armenian Culture took place in the Upper Town in Minsk on 31 August.
Brest in the run-up to its 1,000th anniversary
29 August, 11:04
The festivities will unfold on 6-8 September.
Belarusian designers stage fashion show in corn field
24 August, 00:59
The designers presented exclusive capsule collections consisting of up to six models. The general partner of the event was the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS. Its representatives engaged guests of the show into various activities to raise awareness about HIV.
Apple Feast of the Saviour festival in Polotsk
19 August, 16:46
The event was organized by the Polotsk District Executive Committee.
2019 FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Minsk
18 August, 19:10
Minsk played host to the 2019 FIG World Challenge Cup BSB Bank on 16-18 August.
2019 FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Minsk
16 August, 21:25
The competitions took place at the Rhythmic Gymnastics Palace on 16-18 August.
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