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Belarus First Nationwide New Year's Ball in Palace of Independence

In Pictures 28.12.2018 | 16:42

Several centuries ago Belarus was the center of ballroom traditions. Guests from all over Europe attended these balls. It was decided to revive the tradition. From now on, the main hall of the Palace of Independence will be hosting the nationwide New Year's Ball. The best representatives of the Belarusian youth were invited to attend the first ball.

Nearly 300 students have been invited to the New Year's Ball in the Palace of Independence. Among them are recipients of scholarships from the special fund of the President of Belarus for the social support of talented students, winners of presidential scholarships, participants of national scientific contests, winners and prize holders of numerous creative international and national competitions and festivals.

The first part of the ball featured the ancient ballroom traditions laid down in the 18th-19th centuries. The event will open with a debutant polonaise and a waltz. The second part of the ball will include the world hits of pop and jazz music.

Photos by Maksim Guchek and Nikolai Petrov


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