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Aleksandr Perendzhiyev

Lukashenko's statements about Union State resonate with society

Opinions 19.07.2019 | 19:06
Aleksandr Perendzhiyev Aleksandr Perendzhiyev Assistant Professor of Political and Social Sciences at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko's statements urging to achieve meaningful results in the development of the Belarus-Russia Union State strike a chord with people of Belarus and Russia, Assistant Professor of Political and Social Sciences at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Aleksandr Perendzhiyev told BelTA commenting on the Belarus-Russia talks in Saint Petersburg that took place on 18 July.

“It was the Belarusian president who said: let us strive for results and increase the efficiency of the Union State. This task should be handled by 8 December, the day that will mark 20 years since the Union State Treaty was signed. I think this is the major outcome of the talks. Here I absolutely agree with the Belarusian president, and not only I - there are many people who share the view that the Union State should prove its worth not only to officials, but also the general public of the two countries and that it should benefit everyone - both Belarusians and Russians,” the expert said.

The political analyst noted that citizens of the two countries want simple things from the Union State. “We want to live better, to have a higher level of security, to meet our personal needs and feel at home in the partner state. The Union State should offer a common economic, cultural, educational and information space, among other things,” he said.

Aleksandr Perendzhiyev gave his take on the Belarusian president's call to promptly eliminate current issues in Belarus-Russia relations apart from addressing strategic tasks in the Union State construction. The expert believes that it would be easier to iron out the current disagreements after establishing a system of fair competition. “Sometimes we are tempted to create some barriers in order to give ourselves a competitive edge. These matters should be addressed within the framework of the Union State, so that the policy regulating competition will become fair, the government agencies will not interfere as much into this policy, and fair economic competition will cover all processes. These are the core issues,” the expert said.

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