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Photo coutresy of Belarus' Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Belarus establishes diplomatic relations with Bahamas
10 December, 13:17
The Joint Communique on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Belarus and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas was signed at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Belarus to the United Nations in New York on 9 December 2019.
Belarus-Russia integration going through fundamentally new stage
10 December, 13:14
The ambassador said: “Today we are going through a fundamentally new stage. As we revise the program on implementing the Union State Establishment Treaty, we have to build a material and economic base for reaching those goals.”
Photo courtesy of TASS
Normandy Four agree to implement ceasefire in Donbass by 2020
10 December, 12:16
The participants of the meeting called for a change in Ukraine's constitution in line with the "Steinmeier formula". They also agreed on a big prisoner swap by 31 December 2019.
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Belarus, Brazil discuss prospects of cooperation in oil refining, geological exploration
9 December, 18:51
During the meeting the ambassador arranged a presentation of Belarus' economic and investment potential. The sides discussed prospects of development of Belarus-Brazil cooperation in the area of geological exploration, oil processing, and mining.
Yuri Shevtsov. Archive photo
Minsk agreements seen as only tool to settle conflict in Donbass
9 December, 16:39
The Minsk agreements are still on the agenda. There is no abandoning them. This is the only tool to resolve the situation in the south-east of Ukraine. It was the Minsk agreements that put an end to the active phase of the war in the Donbass, Yuri Shevtsov said.
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Belarus' vice speaker warns against haste in constitutional reform
9 December, 14:14
Such documents are not drawn overnight. The Constitution is the major law of our state. The work on it should be meticulous, painstaking, long. It should involve all stakeholders and experts.
Grigory Rapota. An archive photo
Medicine, Arctic research among key cooperation avenues in Union State
9 December, 13:36
The financing of the Union State programs in 2020 will contract 20% compared to 2019. The Union State chief explained that the Union State budget did not shrink. Over the past several years the parties used the money that had not been utilized before.
Putin hopes Belarus, Russia will benefit from Union State integration
9 December, 09:34
“I would like to express my hope that we will continue to do everything to make our people and countries feel close to each other, to continue the rapprochement, first of all, in the economic sector, and also in social matters, and receive significant benefits from this integration,” Vladimir Putin said.
New Belarusian senate speaker elected
6 December, 15:25
Natalya Kochanova thanked members of the upper chamber of the Belarusian parliament for their trust in her. She assured them she would do her best to ensure effective operation of the Council of the Republic.
UNFPA executive director to visit Belarus on 6-9 December
6 December, 13:42
The program of the visit envisages a number of meetings with representatives of the government bodies, including Belarus' Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Dapkiunas. The UNFPA executive director is also set to meet with Belarus' Vice Premier Igor Petrishenko.
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