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Vladimir Putin. TASS photo
Putin: Calm, level-headed work in Russia-Belarus relations
19 December, 15:48
In fact, very calm, level-headed work is underway. We are already coming to terms on some issues. On others we are still in disagreement. We will continue to work, Vladimir Putin said answering a question from journalists.
Vladimir Putin. Photo courtesy of TASS
Putin against revising Minsk agreements on Ukraine
19 December, 13:27
There is nothing else but the Minsk agreements [on Ukraine]. The revision of these agreements might take the situation to a deadlock, Vladimir Putin said.
An archive photo
Belarus ambassador presents credentials to Israeli president
19 December, 12:21
The parties also noted that visa-free travels between Belarus and Israel helped significantly invigorate bilateral cooperation across a broad number of areas, first of all in economy and trade.
Andrei Savinykh. An archive photo
MP opines on true objectives of Belarus-Russia integration protests
19 December, 11:51
Those who take to the streets to protest against it know nothing about integration and the things that are going on. This is a purely political process that pursues absolutely different goals and objectives, Andrei Savinykh said.
Martin Sajdik. An archive photo
Sajdik: Parties to conflict in Ukraine need more efforts for POW swap
19 December, 10:37
“I think all parties have the intention to carry out this exchange. There are different technical aspects that need to be clarified,” Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office in Ukraine and in the Trilateral Contact Group Martin Sajdik said.
Belarus' participation in Eastern Partnership discussed in Brussels
19 December, 09:37
The Belarusian-European relations and Belarus' participation in the Eastern Partnership initiative were discussed during a working visit of Belarus Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Oleg Kravchenko to Brussels.
Vladimir Makei. An archive photo
Belarus' FM calls not to divide prominent historical figures between countries
18 December, 18:30
Belarus' Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of the Belarusian National Commission for UNESCO Vladimir Makei delivered a speech as he attended an event to mark the 200th birthday of Stanislaw Moniuszko in Minsk on 18 December.
Photo courtesy of Belarus' Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MFA: Belarus will continue constructive cooperation with Martin Sajdik's successor
18 December, 14:08
The parties discussed the activity of the Trilateral Contact Group under Martin Sajdik, prospects for peaceful settlement in Ukraine, including taking into account the recent Normandy Four talks in Paris.
An archive photo
Talks on Ukraine underway in Minsk
18 December, 13:55
Minsk is playing host to a meeting of the working groups of the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine on 18 December. The Trilateral Contact Group will convene later.
Vladimir Andreichenko
Belarus invites Turkey to collaborate in OSCE PA
18 December, 11:41
Vladimir Andreichenko welcomed progress in bilateral parliamentary contacts. “I think we should promote our cooperation in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in the same way,” the speaker said.
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