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Belarus' stance on regional security explained before CIS members

Politics 10.10.2019 | 13:34
Vladimir Makei. An archive photo
Vladimir Makei. An archive photo

ASHGABAT, 10 October (BelTA) – During the session of the CIS Foreign Ministers Council, which is taking place in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, Belarus explained its stance on matters of regional security before colleagues from CIS member states. Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei talked about important items on the agenda and Belarus' approaches before the session, BelTA has learned.

Vladimir Makei said: “During the traditional exchange of opinions about the situation in the region we will explain Belarus' stance on a number of matters of current interest relating to peacekeeping, security, economic development in our country and around it in the European region and the post-Soviet space. It is exceedingly important. We are going to speak about the initiatives the head of state has recently put forward with regard to enforcing peace and security.”

Participants of the session of the CIS Foreign Ministers Council also discussed a program designed to guide interaction between the ministries of foreign affairs in the next period.

Among important matters on the session's agenda Vladimir Makei mentioned the draft CIS strategy on information security. “This matter is becoming a high-priority one these days. You can see what claims are made by a number of countries with regard to other countries. We bear witness to hacker attacks launched against entire countries. This is why the matter will be discussed at the session of the CIS Foreign Ministers Council and the session of the CIS Heads of State Council. Belarus has something to share with the colleagues. We have adopted the relevant information security concept and there are a number of initiatives aimed at improving these efforts,” the minister of foreign affairs noted.

The important documents also include an agreement on cooperation in counteracting corruption, a program on cooperation in fighting terrorism and other violent manifestations of extremism in 2020-2022.

Apart from that, on 11 October the CIS Heads of State Council is expected to pass an address to CIS nations and the international community on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Soviet nation's victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. This is why preparations for celebrating this anniversary next year are being discussed at events organized within the framework of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Vladimir Makei said: “The session is very important, concrete, and meaningful. It gives a good opportunity to meet and discuss current matters and interaction meant to enable greater cooperation in the post-Soviet space.”

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