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Ukraine shares Belarus' concern about search for new formats of international dialogue

Politics 08.10.2019 | 16:57

MINSK, 8 October (BelTA) – Ukraine shares the concern of Belarus about the search of a new format of international dialogue on security, Ukrainian sociologist Dmitry Gromakov told BelTA on the sidelines of the Minsk Dialogue Forum.

Dmitry Gromakov stated that Belarus president's ideas merit further discussion. “Aleksandr Lukashenko's concern about the search of new formats and balance has found support in Ukraine. We are ready to talk about a new Europe and new security architecture within the framework of the Minsk Dialogue Forum and Helsinki-2,” the sociologist said.

However, according to Dmitry Gromakov, Ukraine would rather not return to the old negotiating formats that have grown outdated. A new Helsinki Process must consider the flaws of the previous one, he added.

Former Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Antonovich has expressed similar views. He stated that Helsinki-2, that Belarus is a great advocate of, must be adapted to today's needs. The expert also highlighted the importance of such a serious international discussion.

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