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Lukashenko: Belarus creates sustainable governance model
18 October, 12:12
The head of state noted that this year is a jubilee year for political institutions and foundations of the country's political system. Many government bodies set up at the dawn of independent Belarus celebrate their 25th anniversary this year.
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Lukashenko shares his expectations of Academy of Public Administration
18 October, 11:52
The Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the Belarus President should become Belarus' number one higher learning institution, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said.
Lukashenko: Belarus needs proactive, competent, ambitious executives
18 October, 11:44
The president was informed about the organization of training at the Institute of Civil Service, the Institute of Senior Executive Personnel, The R&D Institute of Public Administration.
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Lukashenko visiting Academy of Public Administration
18 October, 10:50
Aleksandr Lukashenko will be briefed on the structure and main areas of work of the educational institution. The head of state will see an exhibition of learning techniques used by the academy and hear out a presentation of the academy's activities.
Lukashenko suggests new projects to Russia's Novgorod Oblast
17 October, 11:41
It is necessary to have a fresh look at cooperation prospects and build up ties with Belarus, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said during a meeting with Governor of Russia's Novgorod Oblast Andrei Nikitin in Minsk.
Aleksandr Lukashenko during the meeting
Lukashenko comments on Russian Anna Bogacheva's case
17 October, 11:34
“It is important to keep in mind that in such cases we, in fact, act as if this is the territory of one state. Russia treats our citizens the same way we treat Russians in Belarus. There are no other options but to protect the interests of Russia and Russian citizens. And they are spinning the story about somebody's detention in Belarus and so on,” the Belarusian leader remarked.
Lukashenko: Belarus has not turned its back on Russia
17 October, 11:22
"We should not be seen as enemies who have turned their backs on Russia," the president said. "We have never been such and never will be. We are not welcome there [in Western Europe]. The obstacle is not even Lukashenko's dictatorship, but the economy,” he said.
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Bill on combating mala fide middlemen submitted to Belarus president
16 October, 12:16
The draft decree obliges companies and organizations to get a permission for procurement deals from parent organizations if these deals are financed by public funds.
Lukashenko pledges support to fish producers
15 October, 12:50
“The region can do better. This is a granary of Mogilev Oblast, and results can be much better there. It means that your region will always be in the spotlight,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.
Celebratory atmosphere expected at polling stations during Belarus parliament elections
15 October, 12:44
Celebratory atmosphere has always reigned at polling stations in Belarus. We should arrange this process as if it were a holiday, but keep in mind that these are elections, that we are choosing parliament members, the president said.
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