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Lukashenko invites Bolton to sincerely discuss Belarus-USA relations
29 August, 15:02
The head of state noted that John Bolton's visit to Belarus is a historical one: “It's been a long time since such noticeable high-ranking figures [from the USA] came to Belarus. It makes the visit historical among other things.”
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Belarus president awards outstanding citizens
29 August, 12:28
A number of Belarusians have been awarded in recognition of many years of fruitful work, impeccable service, high performance, great personal contributions to ensuring law and order, and other accomplishments.
During the meeting
Lukashenko: Belarus-Turkey trade needs a serious boost
28 August, 11:30
I am convinced that your visit will help systematize our relations, make our trade and economic contacts more systemic and address pending issues. You are welcome to speak freely about these issues and we will understand you and give a decent response, the president said.
Lukashenko hails Belarus-Kazakhstan cooperation potential
28 August, 10:58
“Our prospects and opportunities are even bigger than the results we have achieved. As ambassador, you realize that with such an advanced level of integrations we can hope for more than $1 billion worth of bilateral trade. We should have several billions. And we can do it,” the president said.
Lukashenko to visit Kazakhstan soon
28 August, 10:54
“I believe that soon I will have an opportunity to visit Kazakhstan and we will discuss the whole range of our relations,” the president said as he met with outgoing Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Belarus Ermukhamet Ertysbayev.
Belarus president briefed on progress in harvest campaign
27 August, 13:56
“As of today, some 97% of the cropping areas have been harvested. More than 6 million tonnes of grain have been produced,” Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Dvornik told the media after he reported to the president.
Vladimir Dvornik
Belarus to improve mechanism of providing sponsor aid to agricultural companies
27 August, 13:46
Vladimir Dvornik explained that in the previous years, big industrial companies provided sponsor aid as part of their operating expenses, which increased the prime cost of their products thus affecting their competitiveness.
Aleksandr Lukashenko, Aleksandr Turchin, Vladimir Dvornik
Lukashenko recommends Belarus canoe/kayak team for awards
27 August, 13:07
He specified that awards should be bestowed upon not only the athletes and head coaches, but also the first coaches of the athletes and other coaches of the national team.
The closing ceremony of the 2nd European Games. An archive photo
Lukashenko interested in economic impact of hosting 2nd European Games
27 August, 12:56
“I instructed you to take control of the financial matters when we started preparing for the European Games. It is very important for any business to see how we could compensate for the costs,” the president said.
Aleksandr Lukashenko, Aleksandr Turchin, Vladimir Dvornik
Lukashenko wants better legislative process in Belarus
27 August, 12:08
We need to pass the legislation that will not need any improvements for at least five years, because any changes to the law, in particular, in the economic sector, raise concern among business people and other stakeholders, the Belarusian leader emphasized.
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