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Aleksandr Lukashenko
Belarus to try to get 30-40% of necessary amount of oil from Russia
21 January, 14:14
The head of state said: “Indeed, there is no complete alternative to Russian oil now. But we have to diversify [imports] as we've agreed. We have to aim to get 30-40% of oil from the Russian Federation. We should import about 30% from the Baltic states and about 30% via Ukraine – it's been tried and tested."
Dmitry Rogozin and Aleksandr Lukashenko
Lukashenko, Rogozin discuss joint space projects
21 January, 11:38
The head of state suggested discussing various avenues of Belarus-Russia cooperation in the space industry, including in the context of national programs. “You have a formidable program, and we are mulling over our participation in it, we do not conceal it,” Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked.
Lukashenko appoints new defense minister, Chief of General Staff
20 January, 13:43
According to the president, former Defense Minister Andrei Ravkov has been appointed State Secretary of the Security Council.
Andrei Ravkov. An archive photo
Ravkov appointed State Secretary of Belarus' Security Council
20 January, 12:58
This does not mean that a war will break out tomorrow and we will have to fight someone, no way. However, there should not be any uncertainty in the military field, Aleksandr Lukashenko said.
Aleksandr Lukashenko and Mikhail Orda
Lukashenko hails FTUB's role in parliamentary election campaign
20 January, 11:33
“A lot of things depended on the organization of this campaign, and trade unions made a big contribution to the organization of this event,” the president said.
An archive photo
Lukashenko congratulates Belarusian rescuers on professional holiday
20 January, 11:13
“Maintaining a high level of combat readiness, emergency response workers protect the public domain and national interests. Your dangerous work requires incredible courage, perseverance and selflessness,” the head of state noted. “You are always ready to help and support people. Fires and fumes, destroyed buildings and natural disasters cannot stop you.”
Universal communications, informatization fund to be established in Belarus
17 January, 19:02
The document has been enacted in order to encourage activities in the area of telecommunications, informatization, information technologies, and universal communications services in Belarus.
Archive photo
Mothers honored with state awards in Belarus
17 January, 16:51
Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed a decree to confer the Order of Mother on 29 women from Vitebsk Oblast, Grodno Oblast, and Mogilev Oblast for giving birth to and raising five and more children.
Belarus president's scholarships awarded to 97 postgraduate students in 2020
17 January, 15:05
The scholarships have been awarded to postgraduate students specializing in technical sciences, physics and mathematics, biology, chemistry, medicine, agricultural science, economics, and humanities.
Igor Nikolayev. An archive photo
Lukashenko sends birthday greetings to Igor Nikolayev
17 January, 13:31
The president wished Igor Nikolayev strong health, inspiration and many interesting meetings with grateful audience.
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