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Aviation inspectorate to be set up in Belarus
5 September, 09:47
The inspectorate will perform a number of duties as an authorized body in civil aviation in line with the states' international commitments.
Aleksandr Lukashenko and Stanislav Zas
Lukashenko, Zas discuss security issues, recent international meetings
4 September, 14:18
“Security issues are currently in the spotlight. Thanks to this topic Minsk is also widely spoken about due to the conference the UN is organizing here,” the head of state said.
Belarus president calls government conference to discuss economy plans, cooperation with Russia
4 September, 12:25
Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “I've mentioned repeatedly that this year and the next one are special due to the parliamentary and presidential elections. We are going to pass an exam. This is why we should pick up the slack everywhere.”
Lukashenko meets with UN under-secretary-general
4 September, 11:09
The Belarusian leader thanked Vladimir Voronkov for the excellent organization of the counter-terrorism conference in Minsk that already made headlines and received positive feedback at the international level.
Photo courtesy of www.reuters.com
Lukashenko offers condolences to USA over California boat fire victims
4 September, 10:41
Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has offered condolences to President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, over numerous victims of the boat fire off Santa Cruz Island in California.
Aleksandr Lukashenko
Belarus president talks about ‘Internet freedom'
3 September, 13:35
“But what does the term mean? Where do we draw the line between the freedom of communication or self-expression and uncontrolled or unpunished behavior in the global digital space?” the Belarusian leader wondered.
Belarus president about conflict in Ukraine: Someone needs it
3 September, 12:59
Why hasn't this conflict ended yet? It's been five years since it started. Because someone needs this conflict!” the Belarusian leader stressed. The head of state noted that Belarus' initial proposals to peacefully resolve the conflict had been rejected, thus prolonging the conflict.
Aleksandr Lukashenko and Thomas Greminger
Lukashenko reaffirms Belarus' commitment to building peace, security in Europe
3 September, 12:53
Belarus will keep investing efforts in strengthening peace and security in Europe, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said addressing OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger.
Belarus president concerned about terrorism activities in Dark Web
3 September, 12:43
“The fact that criminals are moving into the hidden network, the so-called Dark Web makes it difficult for governments and the private sector to control it. Terrorists actively use social websites for propaganda and for recruiting new followers,” Aleksandr Lukashenko believes.
Belarus president views INF Treaty breakdown with alarm
3 September, 12:35
Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that consequences of terminating the treaty may be even more dangerous than terrorism. “If we don't stop, consider it as the first step towards a new war. I hope at least nuclear weapons will not be used during this war.”
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