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Lukashenko: Big terrorist groups are masterminded
3 September, 11:58
The emergence of big terrorist organizations is orchestrated, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the international conference on counter-terrorism in Minsk on 3 September.
Lukashenko: Belarus is an outpost for revealing foreign terrorists
3 September, 11:29
With a view to strengthening the national public security monitoring system, resident companies of the Belarusian Hi-Tech Park have developed and are promoting advanced software solutions, including solutions based on artificial intelligence.
Belarus in favor of setting up 'belt of digital neighborliness'
3 September, 11:18
“For more than 20 years Belarus has been enhancing friendly relations with neighboring countries as part of the initiative aimed at strengthening the belt of good neighborliness which proved very effective,” the head of state said.
Captains Regent of San Marino Nicola Selva and Michele Muratori. Photo courtesy of Libertas.sm
Belarus, San Marino to expand mutually beneficial ties
3 September, 10:52
“I am convinced that mutually beneficial ties and constructive cooperation between our countries will be expanding and enhancing. The accreditation of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the Republic of San Marino on concurrent – the first in history – will help a lot,” the head of state remarked. He wished the people of San Marino prosperity and wellbeing.
Aleksandr Lukashenko is giving a speech
Lukashenko calls on international organizations to develop counter-terrorism front
3 September, 10:35
“Today's scale of terrorist activities, however, requires going beyond one organization. I am convinced that the development of a strong-knit counter-terrorism front by the UN, the OSCE, the EU, the CSTO, the CIS, the SCO and other international organizations is the only way to counteract this threat effectively,” the Belarusian leader said.
Lukashenko: Terrorism is one of the biggest threats to global security
3 September, 10:35
The head of state emphasized that this topic is very important for ensuring security in every state on every continent. “Terrorism has become one of the biggest and most serious threats to global security. This threat does not know state and moral borders,” the president said.
Mechanism of providing sponsor aid to agricultural companies streamlined in Belarus
3 September, 10:14
The document introduces amendments to Decree No. 347 “On the state agrarian policy”. The decree streamlines the mechanism of providing sponsor aid to financially unstable agricultural enterprises. Investors, in turn, will be entitled to include costs associated with the development of agricultural production in non-operating expenses.
Belarus president talks about possible changes in legislation on drugs
2 September, 14:22
“We've recently passed the most rigorous legislation. It was so tough that mothers of those serving prison time have requested some lenience,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted. “The relevant laws had been passed upon my initiative. We may have gone overboard in some aspects."
Belarus president in favor of equal meals for all kids in schools
2 September, 13:26
“All children should be treated equally. Don't make fools of yourselves. It is the kind of nonsense I am hearing for the first time. Definitely equal treatment!” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.
Belarus president gives first lesson to senior school students
2 September, 12:21
Just like in other schools of the country today the first lesson was dedicated to how the students see the present and future of Belarus, their contribution to the development of the country.
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