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Lukashenko talks Kastus Kalinouski's role in history

President 17.11.2019 | 15:15

MINSK, 17 November (BelTA) – Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko spoke about the role of Kastus Kalinouski in history as talked to journalists after casting his vote at the parliamentary election on17 November, BelTA informs.

“I am aware of Kastus Kalinouski's role in history, it's a very nuanced thing. I warn our politicians and scientists against politicizing things when evaluating Kalinouski's role,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “He acted on our territory, he was our person, if you want, our citizen. He was a person from our state, we cannot ignore this.”

Accordion to the president, even as a historian he is afraid of digging deep into the issue and cited as an example the situation with Kuropaty, which, in his opinion, some people are trying to turn into a political thing and a place where “Stalin executed people”. “If communists come to power tomorrow, they will say that other people, including fascists, performed executions there. When you made me dig into the matter, I looked through all the archive materials we have and noticed some ambiguity: different sides were involved. Stop engaging the society into this discussion, people are already fed up with it. Therefore, I decided to clean up that cemetery where innocent victims are buried, to stop people from walking their dogs there, and to turn Kuropaty in a place for remembrance,” the head of state said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also spoke about the reburial of Kastus Kalinouski's body. In his words, it is unnecessary to disturb his tomb. “This is my position. Let him rest in peace,” the president said.

“I want such issues to unite our nation rather than to divide people,” the Belarusian leader concluded.

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