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Dirk Schuebel and Anatoly Lappo. Photo courtesy of the State Border Committee of Belarus
Over 0.5 tonne of drugs stopped at Belarusian-European border in January-October
Yesterday 19:50
It was noted that the situation at the Belarus-EU border is stable. At the same time efforts of certain individuals and crime syndicates involved in illegal transit migration, the smuggling of narcotic substances and psychotropic substances had an effect on the situation.
BelTA, Indonesian media network Jawa Pos sign cooperation agreement
Yesterday 19:34
The agreement will continue BelTA's information interaction with foreign partners, which number exceeds 30 now. BelTA tightly cooperates with foreign news agencies and online mass media, including via the international multifunctional media platform PNN.
Belarus, Italy to arrange contest of R&D projects
Yesterday 19:14
The State Science and Technology Committee of Belarus and the Italian Research and Education Ministry intend to hold the first session of the Belarusian-Italian commission on cooperation in science and technology.
Photos courtesy of the Consulate General of Belarus in Shanghai
Minsk, Shanghai sign twinning agreement
Yesterday 18:16
A twinning agreement between Minsk and Shanghai was signed during Minsk Days in Shanghai, BelTA learned from the Consulate General of Belarus in Shanghai. The document was signed by Minsk Deputy Mayor Aleksandr Krepak and Shanghai Vice Mayor Xu Kunlin.
Veronika Skvortsova
Belarus, Russia eager to step up cooperation in oncology
Yesterday 17:10
Veronika Skvortsova said: “We are very much interested in oncology. We are talking about the need to cooperate and make transition to personified approaches. We are talking about modern oncological vaccines, oncolytic viruses, and cell technologies.”
Belarusian healthcare popular among Russians
Yesterday 16:31
Russian Healthcare Minister Veronika Skvortsova noted that the medical treatment of Belarusian and Russian citizens is traditionally available in the two countries. “As many as 55,000 Belarusian citizens received in-patient and out-patient medical aid in Russia in the last two years,” she said.
Veronika Skvortsova
Belarus, Russia to implement antimicrobial resistance R&D project
Yesterday 15:32
The official said: “We have prepared a new R&D project in the area of antimicrobial resistance [the resistance of microorganisms to antimicrobial medications, which could treat the infection caused by the microorganism in the past]."
The Belarusian Defense Ministry. An archive photo
Belarusian army doubles border deployment readiness checks in last three years
Yesterday 14:16
The defense minister said: “In the last three years we've increased the intensity of combat exercises by more than 20% and we've doubled the number of surprise checks involving the deployment of troops near the state border.”
Belarusian army eager to buy new antitank guided missiles in 2020-2021
Yesterday 13:47
The new missile can penetrate up to 950mm of armor behind explosive-reactive armor. The missile can be fired by antitank combat vehicles Shturm as well as Mi-24, Mi-8 helicopters and their modifications.
Andrei Ravkov. An archive photo
Belarus to get wing of Russian fighter jets Su-30SM within days
Yesterday 13:32
The defense minister said: “Multipurpose fighter jets Su-30SM are being delivered as part of the government defense order. Two fighter jets are expected to land at the Baranovichi airfield tomorrow.” He added that two more jets are expected to arrive next week.
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