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Another traditional Chinese medicine center to open in Belarus
6 November, 15:07
The Minsk Oblast administration in association with partners from the Chinese city of Chongqing plans to open another center of traditional Chinese medicine in Minsk Oblast. Cooperation in healthcare was top on the agenda of the meeting with the Chinese delegation.
Defense plan for 2020-2024 in development in Belarus
5 November, 19:36
Participants of the meeting discussed projections concerning the development of the military political situation and the strategic situation, the main challenges and threats to military security for the next five years.
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Belarusian polar explorers to expand cooperation with foreign expeditions
5 November, 19:21
The expedition will leave Minsk for Antarctica on 8 November. The team will travel from Minsk to Cape Town, South Africa by air where local flights will take them to the Belarusian base – Vechernyaya Mountain.
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Project to upgrade border checkpoint at Belarusian-Lithuanian border to finish in 2022
5 November, 18:14
The road connecting the Kamenny Log border checkpoint and the Medininkai border checkpoint will be widened and will have more traffic lanes in every direction. The project also provides for building pedestrian walkways and improving the transport infrastructure at the border.
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Discussion about wars ‘ours or not' viewed as far-fetched, irrelevant for Belarus and Russia
5 November, 16:58
Indeed, in the 19th and 20th centuries, our land was often a theater of war. The losses were enormous and irreparable. If it were not for these wars, in the 21st century Belarus would have very different demographics, economy, more old buildings in cities, richer museums and libraries, Olga Popko said.
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Listapadzik festival director speaks about role of children's films
5 November, 16:29
It is about a dialogue. These films are meant not only to entertain, but also to help viewers learn more about each other. Parents learn about the issues that concern children, while children learn a bit more about the world they are entering, Igor Sukmanov said.
Minsk metro's second line to start using new Stadler trains in Q1 2020
5 November, 15:10
In January 2017 Minsk Metro and Stadler Minsk signed a contract on purchasing ten metro trains (six four-car trains and four five-car trains). Loans were granted by banks against guarantees of the Minsk city administration. Six trains will be shipped to the customer this year.
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Listapadzik 2019 winners announced
5 November, 13:09
The Golden Listapadzik award for the best film went to Steven Wouterlood's My Extraordinary Summer with Tess (the Netherlands, Germany). The special jury award went to Bulbul Can Sing by Rima Das (India).
Plans to spend vehicle tax revenues on building, repairing motorways in Belarus in 2020
4 November, 19:57
In line with the law the money from collecting vehicle tax is supposed to be spent on the construction, reconstruction, major overhauls, and routine repairs of Belarusian motorways.
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Belarus' National Art Museum marks 80th anniversary
4 November, 18:36
“Eighty years is four generations of people. But for a cultural institution this might be a short period. However, thanks to its achievements and attitude to art, the National Art Museum has ranked high among the leading museums of the world,” Belarus Culture Minister Yuri Bondar said.
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