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Stanislav Zas and Sergey Lavrov. Photos courtesy of the CSTO
CSTO urged to defend truth about WW2, challenge falsifications
21 January, 11:59
Stanislav Zas, Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), met with Russia's Acting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Acting Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in Moscow.
Vladimir Gusakov. An archive photo
Conceptual design of Russia-Belarus satellite to be ready by June
21 January, 10:43
As for the acting Belarusian satellite, its lifetime in orbit has been extended to the end of 2021. The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus continues to work in such a promising area as small and micro-satellites and their equipment.
Anatoly Shagun
Deposit-refund system expected to up container recycling percentage in Belarus
20 January, 19:31
The official noted that the new approach will at least double the amount of containers Belarusians will take back to shops. The percentage is expected to reach at least 80%. “Such a system was introduced in Lithuania in 2016. Container return percentage reached 92-96% in Lithuania last year,” Anatoly Shagun said.
Natalya Grintsevich
Recycling rate of municipal waste up to 22.6% in Belarus in 2019
20 January, 19:03
The recycling rate of municipal waste was 10% in 2012. This figure is expected to come at 22.6% in 2019. The recycling rate of municipal waste almost doubled within this short period. The volume of glass collected for recycling tripled, the volume of paper and cardboard went up by 35%.
Archive photo
Full house for Yanka Kupala Theater performance in Vilnius
20 January, 18:37
The Yanka Kupala National Academic Theater of Belarus has performed Nikolai Gogol's The Government Inspector staged by Nikolai Pinigin to a full house in the Russian Drama Theater of Lithuania in Vilnius on 19 January.
Archive photo
Belarus launches Science Week
20 January, 18:19
This week, several museums offer free admission, including the Museum of the NASB History, the archaeological exhibition of the NASB Institute of History, and the Museum of Ancient Belarusian Culture at the Center for Studies of Belarusian Culture, Language, and Literature.
Minsk book fair. Archive photo
Minsk International Book Fair due on 5-9 February
20 January, 18:13
“Historically, Belarus has been a hospitable country where you can get acquainted with the customs of many cultures. Many ethnicities have co-existed peacefully in our country and the cultural diversity is a source of mutual enrichment. Our country has become an example of peacefulness, tolerance, and inter-ethnic fraternity. The program of the Minsk International Book Fair is built around these concepts,” the ministry said.
Belarus to host bird photo contest on 26 January
20 January, 18:09
The bird open winter photo contest will take place in Belarus on 26 January, BelTA learned from the BirdLife Belarus public organization.
Russia's Kaliningrad to join youth patriotic forum near Mound of Friendship in Belarus
20 January, 17:36
Young people from Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast will participate in the patriotic forum which will take place at the Mound of Friendship in Verkhnedvinsk District, First Secretary of the Belarusian BRSM Youth Union Vyacheslav Khrol told reporters before the plenary session of the BRSM Vitebsk regional organization.
Belarus' Internal Affairs Ministry to develop ties with Japanese law enforcers
20 January, 16:42
The Belarusian Internal Affairs Ministry played host to a meeting between Internal Affairs Minister Yuri Karayev and Japan's Ambassador to Belarus Hiroki Tokunaga on 20 January.
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