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Photo courtesy of rus.bg
Yanka Kupala sculpture unveiled in Bulgaria's Pliska
4 November, 18:16
According to the tradition established in the Yard of Cyrillic Alphabet the bust sculpture was sprinkled with soil from Yanka Kupala's homeland during the ceremony.
Archive photo
Air temperature 2.8°C above norm in Belarus in October
4 November, 17:57
The air temperature in Belarus in October 2019 averaged 9.5 degrees Celsius, which was 2.8 degrees above the norm. In October, the weather in Belarus was unusually dry. The country had 64% of the climate norm of precipitation (32.1mm).
Vladimir Andreichenko
Budget appropriations on healthcare development to go up 14.7% in Belarus in 2020
4 November, 16:24
The MP said: “We are now considering the next year's budget. It provides for increasing appropriations for healthcare development by 14.7%. It is virtually the highest figure as far as spending increases are concerned.”
Pavel Skalaban and Natalya Karchevskaya
Opinion: Listapadzik film festival promotes family values
4 November, 12:33
“Listapadzik is aimed at promoting films that foster the most important family values: loyalty and love. This is a wonderful festival, a celebration, unforgettable meetings with friends and new people,” Belarus First Deputy Culture Minister Natalya Karchevskaya said.
Belarus to extend toll road network on 1 December
4 November, 12:15
The new stage of the effort to extend the toll road network implies incorporating an additional 62km of the M6/E 28 Highway Minsk-Grodno-border with the Republic of Poland (Bruzgi) (from 134th to 196th km).
Sergei Rumas attends a meeting of the SCO Council of Heads of Government in Tashkent on 2 November
Belarus suggests regular meetings on nuclear energy in SCO
4 November, 12:00
While implementing the project to build a nuclear power plant, Belarus has been actively working to promote cooperation in matters of nuclear security and the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes enshrined in the SCO Astana Declaration, Sergei Rumas noted.
Natalya Kochanova. An archive photo
Kochanova: Punishment for drug-related crime should be fair, commensurate
4 November, 09:30
I have met with women representing the Mothers 328 movement. They are fully aware that their children committed a crime and are guilty, they admit that their children should be punished. However, punishment should be commensurate and proportional, Natalya Kochanova said.
Traditional Chinese medicine center in Minsk District
3 November, 13:56
A China-Belarus center of traditional Chinese medicine opened at the Minsk Oblast Teaching Hospital on 3 November.
Animal Circus from Moscow in Gomel
2 November, 23:51
The Animal Circus of the famous circus artists from the Klykov-Filatov families is in Gomel on a tour with the spectacular program À Livre Ouvert. The famous circus dynasty has been on stage for over 160 years.
Listapad 2019 opens in Minsk
1 November, 18:56
The competitive program of this year's festival includes 154 films from 50 countries: feature films, documentaries, children and youth films, debut films by talented film directors, and unique works by national film schools.
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