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Opinion: Development of Belarusian towns depends on homes, jobs, decent salaries

Society 16.08.2019 | 19:42

BRASLAV, 16 August (BelTA) – The development of small towns directly depends on whether their residents have jobs, decent salaries, and accommodation. It is particularly important for large families. Head of the Belarus President Administration Natalya Kochanova expressed the opinion during the session of the Braslav District Executive Committee held on 16 August to discuss results of the district's social and economic development in H1 2019, BelTA has learned.

Sixty-seven families with many children are in need of better housing in Braslav District. The time they may spend having their homes built using preferential-rate loans is too long, Natalya Kochanova believes. She noted that the Belarus President Administration always take a favorable view of all municipal initiatives designed to improve the situation with housing availability. “Feel free to contact us. We are always ready to discuss these matters. The development of small towns depends on whether the residents have homes, jobs, and decent salaries,” Natalya Kochanova stressed.

The head of the Belarus President Administration drew attention to the scope of work executives and officials of all kinds are entrusted with. “99% depends on the man or woman in charge. While the economic conditions in the country are the same, the situation is absolutely different. We see results when people work effectively. We see accomplishments when people want and try to work hard,” Natalya Kochanova is convinced. “Every executive has to recognize and bear responsibility for their people and the state of affairs onsite, for effective work.”

According to Natalya Kochanova, the attitude to people, regular meetings of municipal authorities with the population, keeping the people informed about matters of current interest, and providing assistance with resolving current problems are of key importance. “It is important to hear out people, to help them resolve their problems, to treat them humanely. Then the people will treat you respectively,” the head of the Belarus President Administration said.

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